Five days until I get to see childish gambino in fucking person holy shittttttttt

"They Don't Like Me (ft. Chance the Rapper)"
Childish Gambino
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why do guys have to be full of shit

31 Aug 14 at 11 am

How did I look like such a baby only a year ago

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How did I look like such a baby only a year ago
31 Aug 14 at 11 am

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my body is fiiiinally looking a lot like it did last summer! it’s taken me like a whole year but I’m finally almost down to what I was and then this time I’m gonna keep going.

I feel so good about my body right now but I wanna see what else can happen. It’s fun noticing the little things, like my collar bones poke out a little more, my wrists look a little smaller, and my waist is a lil curvier. I look good. But I know I can look better.

Losing weight is so fun.